GSTR 4 (Annual Return) for FY 2022-23

What is GSTR 4?

Form GSTR 4 (Annual Return) is a summary return to be filed by composition taxpayers. It will give details regarding the outward and inward supplies, import of services, and inward supplies which is attracting reverse charge, total tax payable, etc.

Who required to file GSTR 4?

GSTR 4 will be applicable to all the composition taxpayers (including service providers who have opted for the composition scheme as per CGST(R) Notification no. 2/2019 dated 7th March 2019.)
Note: With the amendment of GST Rule 62 taxpayers who were availing the benefit of CGST(R) Notification no. 2/2019 dated 7th March 2019 will not be permitted to furnish the returns in Form GSTR 4 and make payments in Form CMP 08.

When GSTR 4 converted to a yearly return from the quarterly return?

From the Financial Year 2019-2020, Composition taxpayers was filing a yearly return in Form GSTR-4 being an annual return vide a CGST Notification no. 21 dated 23rd April 2019.

Is it mandatory to file GSTR 4 if a taxpayer registered as composition scheme only for a part of the year?

If person registered as a composition taxpayer even for a single day during the Financial Year, then GSTR 4 needs to be filed.
Also, includes,
• A Registered Person being a composition taxpayer at the beginning of the year but have opted out during the year.
• A Person registered under the composition scheme during the year and has not opted out during the Financial Year.
• A Person registered under the composition scheme at the beginning of the year and have never opted out subsequently.

What are the modes available for filing GSTR 4?

Online as well as offline utility available for filing Form GSTR 4.
For Online Filing:
The Online Utility of Form GSTR 4 accessed on the dashboard only after logging in with valid User ID and Password on the GSTN portal.
For Offline Prepare and then Filing:
The Offline Utility of Form GSTR 4 go to GSTN Portal > downloads section > GSTR-4 Offline Tool (Annual)

Revised GSTR 4 (Annual Return) possible?

No, Form GSTR 4 cannot revised once it is filed on GSTN Portal.

What is the late fee for delay in furnishing GSTR 4?

As per section 47 of CGST Act 2017, a delay in furnishing the GST return in Form GSTR-4 will attract a late fee of Rs 200 per day (CGST+SGST/UTGST) subject to the maximum,
• If there is tax liability – Rs 2,000/- (CGST+SGST/UTGST).
• If there is no tax liability – Rs 500/- (CGST+SGST/UTGST).

Note: This reduced late fees Decision was taken in 43rd GST Council Meeting and notified vide a CGST notification no. 21 dated 1st June 2021.

What is the due date of GSTR 4 for FY 2022-2023?

For the Financial Year 2022-2023 Due Date was 30th April, 2023
(As per CGST Notification no. 21 dated 23.04.2019)

What is the due date of quarterly payment in GST CMP 08?

Quarterly payment is to be make on or before the 18th day from the end of the quarter in Form GST CMP 08. Likewise, Dates are for quarter:

• April to June – 18th July
• July to September – 18th October
• October to December – 18th January
• January to March – 18th April

If Composition Dealer purchase Goods or Services from Unregistered Dealer Require to pay tax on RCM basis?

No, if Composition Dealer purchase goods or services (other than specified services in RCM) then Taxpayer does not required to pay tax on RCM basis on such supply. But Specified Services under RCM (Transportation, Government etc.) then required to pay.

Old Facts

Before GSTR 4 (Annual Return) there is GSTR 9A (Annual Return) required to file yearly. After GSTR 4 (Annual Filling) Became effective, Form GSTR-9A has been disabled from FY 2019-20 onwards for composition scheme.

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